Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tune In and Get the Message

I'm a big-time TV show and movie buff. Ask anyone who knows me really well, and they'll tell you...yep, Burke spends time at night watching shows and spends money watching good movies.

One of my prime time TV favs is Grey's Anatomy. I've watched that show since day 1. Sometimes I've missed a show or two...especially since I've been here in Baghdad. When I was home on leave I was able to catch the latest two episodes. I thought about that show today and remembered SGT Logue using the internet to get on ABC and watch the latest show. So, we're having a slow day...I jumped online and was able to catch up with the latest....

The writers of Grey's Anatomy are exceptional. Why? They show you how the little nuances in life mean so much. They remind you and/or teach you about life's struggles and its importance. The latest episode entailed a group of college kids heading to graduation...and getting hit head on by a semi. Out of 5 or 6, one survived. Izzy is dying and Corev marries her anyway...Torres' flame doesn't see straight....everytime I watch that show we are given a little thread of humanity and we have to hang on.

That's also what my Soldiers in my unit do. They're writers and broadcasters who go out with Soldiers who kick down doors, patrol, build things, etc., and tell their story. They work to show that little piece of humanity that is on display for that day. How hard they work and in whatever conditions that are present. The dangers they face every day. Then, those photos and story and/or packaged video story gets sent out via the internet to military and civilian outlets for the masses to read/view.

The problem with both of these scenarios is: if you don't watch an enlightening show like Grey's Anatomy you won't get that message that that particular show is trying to deliver. The same goes if you don't read/watch what one of my Soldiers has put together. You won't see what Soldiers here are doing to make this country better. The media, on the other hand, oftentimes doesn't show this side of what's going on over here. They mostly put the bad stuff out there...if it bleeds it leads. IED blew up this, destruction, blood and guts. I guess you could say that about the reality shows...compared to a drama like Grey's. We all know that idiot who dumped that girl on the she's tearing it up on Dancing w/ the Stars.

I don't's kind of like reading a book. In each book there's an amazing story waiting for its just have to find it, take the journey and learn. I tell my students that. Especially the ones that freak out over the size of the book. I guess if you're only better off if you do watch, or read, and understand the messages. I do. I'm better for it too...I think.

Grey's especially makes me think about things like that. Hence, me jumping on this, let me know what you think. Comment and stuff....

By the Soldiers' work can be seen on DVIDS ( and the Army's website. Have a good one, hooah.

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