Friday, July 17, 2009

Family Guy Fun...

Lots of things have changed since we've started getting ready for this deployment back in October 2008. Met lots of new people, switched from putting magazines together in InDesign to a newspaper, and gotten used to 110+ degree heat...just to name a few.

When I met SGT Soles, I figured he was a quiet kind of guy who kept to himself. Back in Bryan, when we were training for this deployment, I had a room by myself at our lovely EZ Travel Inn and, since he showed up late, he roomed with me. Pretty soon we started watching The Family Guy. I never really paid attention to that show. All I remembered about it was the fact that it came on TV and then was taken off due to some of its content.

Well, apparently it has a huge following because the more I watched it with him, the funnier it became. I mean some of the stuff you see happening is so crude and funny but it relates to life sometimes and the intro to the cartoon says it all.

I can say that I'm hooked now. The Family Guy comes on every day here in the evenings. Thanks SGT Soles, you bloody fool!! That's Stewie. He's a great character. I recently printed out many of the characters and SGT Soles and I 'assigned' them to members of our unit here after evaluating their characteristics.

For example, I'm Stewie. Everyone knows how I blow up at stuff now and again. SSG Burrell is Quagmire...without a doubt. Giggity. SGT Logue would be Meg. SGT Fardette could be Chris. Hmmmm...I'm not sure if SGT Soles and I assigned Bryan to someone. He could be SGT Risner...quite possibly. Giggity-goo. SGT Risner maintains his cool in just about any situation. 1SG Martinez or 1LT Sarratt could be Peter....but, credit to them, they don't screw up a lot like Peter does.

Anyways, as you can see, Soldiers have to find ways have fun in the office. A deployment would be extremely long and boring if we didn't. As it goes, all my blogs can't be serious or just my stories that I've written here. So, if you haven't seen The Family Guy, check it out. Don't be duckin' me, man!

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