Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Big Test

What day is it?! I'm already losing track of days. I DO know that it's election day and were out at the FOB (Forward Operating Base) for our training exercise(s). Finding this little trailer that has internet access was a small challenge. We're all hyped about the elections and then I get on here and then........wait. No results yet.
Our exercise this morning was interesting. A convoy of humvees traversing the edge of Fort Dix and we defend against attacks, meet the sheik of a village and watch a woman use her 'baby' as an IED. Our instructors were impressed with the performance of our unit...tomorrow is the big test....the CULMEX(culminating exercise).
After that we head back to the barracks to pack up and get ready to travel home to Texas. Texas...best place to be ya'll. I'd like to thank those who've taken time out of their day to jump on here, read, and leave a few comments. Amazingly, I've had two who have told me they would take my place here/overseas: Loren Kirby and the senior JROTC instructor at Sam Rayburn HS. Loren...you've taken everything I taught you and have become a wonderful young lady. I'm going overseas so you'll never have to (fight terrorists). And Sir, we both have our jobs serving our country and it's your turn to prepare those JROTC students that want to join our Army. Several of mine have already become Soldiers or Marines (North Shore LOTC) and I'm damn proud of them.
Our return to Texas begins another round of home station training. Until then, enjoy the read and have a good day HOOAH!

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  1. ok you've really got to stop making me cry.

    if it weren't for the values and discipline you taught me way back in 7th grade, i wouldn't be the person i am today.

    i remembered what i learned.

    and i'd still take your place in the blink of an eye.