Monday, November 24, 2008

The Calm Before the Storm

Almost three weeks have passed since we've returned to College Station. After a non-stop three week stint at Fort Dix, it was nice to come 'home'. Since then, we've been training on this and that and working on paperwork and equipment.
Some of the training has been pretty interesting. An Iraqi (he left Iraq a long time ago) guy came in from the Defense Language Institute and taught us some basic Arabic (awguf!) for use in certain situations. The driver's training was cool. A few guys from the 420th Engineer Brigade set us up with three brand new humvees with all the newest and coolest stuff. Yes, we drooled. We took off to some country area outside of Bryan and ran them off-road. I've never driven a humvee on that type of terrain...we had a good time bouncing around and traversed a 40 degree slope. We also had to exit/enter the vehicle on a hill...kinda tough when those doors weigh somewhere between 200-240 lbs!
We've also been able to work with some of our new equipment. I taught a class on Adobe Photoshop and Indesign basics and we're putting together a small newsletter for the families of our Soldiers. Yes, I know I ramble...I don't write blogs like I write stories. Deal with it.
Some of us were poked and prodded last week. I had to get four shots....I hate needles. Some got more or less. We've also been doing PT about three days a week.
The holidays are coming up. Most of the time it's a nice time....when we're still stateside. Please don't forget about all the other military personnel who are in Afghanistan and Iraq and in various other locales who can't talk to or see their families and friends during the holidays. We get to enjoy our holiday season and our way of life because certain others venture out in support of their country and way of life.

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