Monday, April 6, 2009

Cuts Like a na na nana naaaa na na nana...

We all know that razors are sharp. What helps us guys is when a company slaps 4 or even 5 little razors on a handle and says it's a technological breakthrough. Why does it help? Well for one, it cuts down on the razor burn and the amount of cuts you get because the razors are close together.
So, yeah, what I'm getting at is....last night I went to the showers to shave my head and take a shower. When I walked in I saw my first sergeant. I put my stuff on the shelf and proceeded to lather up. After that, I began shaving with my handy little Headblade (love that thing, it's got 2 razors on it).
The Headblade makes it easier to shave our noggins...obviously, just look around the chow hall sometime and noticed the guys walking around sporting their baldness. It looks like a little car. So, 1SG then asked me if I was aware of who he and the XO ran into earlier in the day. I told him yes and shuddered.
1SG noted the nastiness in my voice and continued on about his run in with one of the worst officers I've ever met. I started laughing at one point and nicked myself a little on the back of my head. I immediately knew it wasn't bad, so I kept shaving. 1SG got to the part where he left the XO with the aforementioned officer and I really laughed knowing what a torture that is and then I REALLY cut myself. It wasn't pretty and I started cussing as blood began seeping out, down toward my ear. That thing dug out a hunk of skin and I had to pat it back down to stop the blood from coming out. 1SG took off after that. After he left I took a shower...
So, don't shave your head and laugh at the same matter what the discussion is about.

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