Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Easter Bunny Was AWOL

It's Easter Sunday. SFC Q wakes me up a couple times because he had to head out early. I roll around in bed until around 0800...gotta get up for chow. No Easter candy in my CHU.

I get dressed and head a cloud-covered day with rumblings in the distance. Thunder. No way. We don't get that here. It's really dark over by BIAP. Wow. It's really raining over there. Dang...I have to deliver the paper today all over VBC in the rain. No Easter chocolates or eggs hidden on the way to chow or to the media operations center. The chow hall was teasing people this morning because there was a huge, brightly decorated basket by the exit...with NOTHING in it.

Osman, our linguist, and myself head over to ECP 13 to meet Mofead and pick up the latest edition of The Crossed Sabers, the paper I'm in charge of. It's raining on and off and it's pretty windy. Weird. This weather reminds me of the August thunderstorms at home. Wait, I'll see home really soon because I'm going on leave!

Oh and no Easter eggs or candy so far....

So PFC Ward and I hop in the Nissan SUV that's been acting up lately. It doesn't want to start for me. Dang gremlins! We have to keep the car running throughout the entire delivery so we don't get stranded. We get to Camp Striker and we found out the Easter bunny paid them a visit. When I went in the chow hall to pick up some food, there was a lady (KBR employee) dumping loads of jelly beans, small solid chocolate bunnies, and chocolate on a table. I walked by and grabbed two solid chocolate bunnies as she was saying, "Take, take!"

I had to go all the way to Camp Striker to get some dang Easter goodies! What kind of place is this!!?'s Iraq. Happy Easter everyone. Now I need to get off this thing and send my daughter some Easter bunny art that she can color and show to me when I get home.

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