Friday, June 26, 2009

A Day in the Life...

Prologue - I've wondered if I've given an account of what I'm doing day by day. Some days ARE a little different than the last...but most days are the same.
Here's what happened today:

Wake up for PT.

PT was in the gym and you're on your own to conduct your workout.

Head back to the CHU for a shower, get dressed and head to chow (breakfast). Found out Michael Jackson died. Wow. He was the shizznit in the 80s and early 90s.

Walk to the media operations center for work. It was hotter this morning than any other and noticed that at this time, the temperature was already 100 degrees.

Start working. What did I do...SGT Logue and I went over to Lost Lake to drop off some memorial DVDs and grabbed some iced coffee. We came back and I sat down and checked my emails. We get around about 80 emails overnight and we have to sift through them to see what's important and what's junk. After that, I prepared five packages of newspapers to send out to the outlying brigade combat teams. I can't deliver to them so I mail the papers out. I edited a story and a photo release and by that time it was time to head to chow (lunch).

Walk to chow. It's about 3/4 of a mile and in this weather, it sometimes feels like it's longer. We walk over a bridge that spans a small canal and the fish and box turtles in the water are looking at us...waiting for food to be thrown down. What's for lunch? Chicken...chicken...but today I had pasta with a big salad. With this heat, you tend to drink more and have less room for food so I have to basically force more food down my throat.

Headed back to the MOC, watched SGT Logue and SGT Soles feed the fish and turtles bread and then headed to division headquarters because I needed to interview the division surgeon for my dental hygiene story. He wasn't there. I headed back to the MOC.

1326 - Took a picture of the temperature. See me in the reflection? 122 degrees! Ouch! Jumped back on the computer and I got three more pages done for the newspaper. Then, I headed over to the base's post office to mail off the newspapers that I packed earlier. After that I went to finance with SGT Risner.

After I came back, I ran over to division HQ again when I found out the surgeon was there and interviewed him. Great quotes. I stopped in the PAO cell and coordinated with MSG Conner for another story that I'll be doing. I ran back over to the MOC after the interview because I had to give a class to the other NCOs about leadership counseling.

Gave the class. It class was short, sweet and to the point and we talked about things that people miss or forget to do when you counsel a soldier. Right after the class, soldiers from the 225th Engineer Brigade dropped in for a DVIDS shoot. While they were waiting around, I jumped back on my computer and added the quotes from the surgeon to my story and let SGT Risner edit it. I have to turn it in to 1SG Martinez for final approval and then I'll send it off to division PAO.

(right now) - I'm typing this.

Chow (dinner) and I bet you it's chicken!

Afterward - Head back to my CHU...shower...relax and watch some TV or read a book until I get sleepy and go to bed.

Epilogue - My night-time schedule is going to change starting this weekend. I've joined a program that helps soldiers with English and math so they can increase their ASVAB score. The class meets six nights a week and I'll be working on their vocabulary, grammar, and paragraph comprehension skills. It'll be a welcome thing for me....I miss teaching.

So...that was about it for my day. How was yours?

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