Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Some Cheer--and Fear the U.S. Pulling Out

So, today is the day. The deadline that's been talked about for so long. The deadline that the previous administration worked out with the Iraqi government.

I read that there was a countdown on Iraqi TV last night...at midnight, they started partying and such. I guess I can say that it's a good time to be here, under the circumstances. A new government, military, and police/security forces taking the reigns from Coalition forces here. I hope they handle everything well.

The media has been going nuts about it of course. I've seen Gen. Odierno, the commander of U.S. forces here in Iraq, on TV more this week than at any other time. There is also a sort of dread or doom and gloom...the hardcore media asking if the Iraqi forces and powers that be can handle running their own country. This past week has seen it's share of bombings...all aimed at trying to throw everything in disarray. Our Soldiers have trained the Iraqis well. Let's hope that they use that training well because I've seen Afghan soldiers turn and run from a hot firefight. But...so far, the Iraqis have more pride and concern for their country.

I wouldn't want to see my child (or someone elses) come here in a military capacity. The bad stuff is what's going on across the border...in Iran. That's a whole other blog entirely...

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