Wednesday, December 10, 2008

INCOMING! Get Down........Shut Up!

For those who don't know, we have a saying in the Army about our training. "If it ain't rainin' we ain't trainin'..." This is usually mentioned during a pretty crappy day when we're doing some tough training. It peps people up. Well, today, that mantra came to light. When I walked out of our illustrious hotel this morning I stopped short--there was a light layer of sleet on all the cars and it was pretty cold. Starbucks time...
During the day, while we worked inside, it was overcast and precipitation. Well, when we started changing into our PT clothes it started to snow a bit...just little flurries. By the time we got to the track, the snowfall had increased to where it would sting your eyes as your were running into it. PT today consisted of running up and down the stairs of the stadium twice and running around the track. By the time we had finished our run, it was snowing heavily. We were all freaking out...except for our northerners: Spc. Anderson who is from Wisconsin, Staff Sgt. Burrell who is from Chicago, and Maj. Daneker who is from Minnesota.
After hopping into my trusty tissue box, I drove back to the hotel in a small Texas blizzard! The wind was whipping little swirlies of snow around all the vehicles. It was cool. We had to keep explaining to everyone that this weather is a rarity in Texas. We had a few from Hawaii who have never experienced this much snow.
Once we all got to the hotel, the fight began. I was lying in wait...and the others began to exit their vehicles. Bap! Bap! Snowballs rained down on my fellow Soldiers. Some ran into their rooms while others proceeded to scoop up snow and try to return fire. Of course, their aim sucked and I started call calling, "Come on Chicago boy!" Staff Sgt. Burrell gathered more ammo. "Hey Hawaii girl...bring it!" 2nd Lt. Douglas (from Hawaii) had to move quickly to avoid the barrage of snowballs from the lot of us.
Even Pvt. Snowman took part in our festivities. Not really, but we all had a great time...a nice way to wind down after a hectic day of prepping all kinds of things for mobilization, writing features, and editing video. Of course, this weather will be nothing compared to the weather we will encounter at Fort Dix in January. Brrrr...


  1. I enjoy your snowman!! :) Hope everything is going well.


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  3. I can't believe I missed the 'snowball' fight. I am kicking myself as I write. I'll have to make up for it at Dix. Look out 211th, in my other life, I was a world class pitcher:) Cute Snowman

  4. get down....shut up!
    probably the best line ever uttered in that whole movie.

    how did you know it was my all time fave?!

    man, the snow was GREAT. you should've seen me--like a kid...well...a kid on christmas! i see it brought out the child in you as well!

    have fun while you can


  5. "Trusty tissue box?" lol That reminds me, do you still drive the same little boot-looking car thing you used to drive to N.S.M?? lol (Sorry, it's painfully obvious I don't know much about cars, huh? lol) And OMG!! I know! I had never seen that much real snow before! I was totally freaking out! In fact, I was working on an essay that was due the next day for my History class but I dropped that to go play outside. I was making snow angels, a miniature snowman, and I got attacked by all the kids from down my street for being the oldest. lol The little monsters teamed up on me!! :/ Grrr. I ended up staying up late to get my essay done, but it was worth it. I had a lot of fun AND I totally aced my essay!!! :D But yeah, I'm glad yall got to enjoy it too. It proves that one is never too old to have fun and play in the snow. (Ahem, mom.) lol **by the way, I din't mean in that in a bad way. lol You are VERYYYY young. :D