Sunday, December 7, 2008

Once More Into the Vein...

I consider myself lucky (I guess) that I'm a person who doesn't freak at the sight of blood. Loving horror movies helped somewhat I imagine. Needles, however, will cause a shiver and quick scoot across the room. I hate them. I mean, think about's a long, thin, VERY sharp steel thing that you're inserting into an essential part of the body!!
Yesterday we finished up our Combat Lifesaver Certification Course by giving each other intravenous injections. Yay. Oh yes, there was blood. Some bled a little...others a lot. This medical stuff is pretty easy, especially with all the new stuff that we're issued to take care of someone who would need first aid. I just don't like getting stuck with big needles...and the instructors are saying that the needles were using aren't big. I'd hate to see the really big ones.
So, Spc. Soles, the newest member of our unit, was my 'stick' buddy for today. Now, he's told me that he's had a history of passing out during this type of thing. "Great," I thought. I was more worried about myself...would I remember all the steps? Would I make him pass out? When it came down to it, he did very well. I ended up going first for the entire group (dang guinea pig!).
I turned out to be a 'bossy buddy' because I kept verbalizing commands to Spc. Soles. He took it in stride though...thanks Spc. Soles. So now we're all heading into theater combat lifesaver certified. Another check off for our block and another sign that January is getting closer.


  1. Sounds like you can now say that you and SPC Soles are authentic blood brothers.

  2. yuk! i'm so squeamish when it comes to blood and needles. i tried donating blood and almost passed out both times. reading this had me making all kinds of faces and shuddering. good stuff!


  3. Needles?! You're afraid of needles, Mr.B?! lol Wow. I did not know that, and I never would've guessed. I'm the complete opposite. lol But I love your description for them though. You make them sound like some horridly gruesome type of torturing device. Like something out of a SAW movie. lol funny.

    And see, I'd always thought that it was because of my lack of fear of blood that I loved horror movies. It seems like our explanations are backwards, but they both work. lol Either way, horror movies rock! :)

    Since we're already on the topic, I'd like to share something with you. Whether it's for your amusement or just so I can get it off my chest,I do not know. lol See, I've been trying to donate blood for about forever now. I've been wanting to since I was like, what? six? But for odd, ironic, unfair, and totally stupid twist of fate, I haven't been able to. First, I was too young. Then, the guy that was supposed to pull me out of class so I could go to the drive decided he wanted to skip instead, so didn't get me. My teacher didn't let me go without a pass, so I missed my chance. Idiot kid. And then this last time I got rejected because apparently I am under-weight for my age. Eventhough I eat like 10 times more than a normal girl my age, my super fast metabolism keeps me skinny and therefore, from donating blood. :/ grr. It's great, isn't it? So, my number one goal for 2009 is to gain 10 lbs by March so I can have a "long, thin, VERY sharp steel thing...insert{ed} into an essential part of {my} body" and get my blood sucked out at the next drive. :D lol