Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Gears Need Some Greasing...

Today is Valentine's Day, the first 'holiday' we 'celebrate' here in Iraq. Happy Valentine's Day everyone. I've been running around all day today. First we finally moved into our CHUs. Cozy little setup there. Gotta hit up the PX for creature comforts now.
After lunch, I ran over to Division HQ to prep for my new job: layout and designer for the Crossed Sabers, the 1st Cavalry bi-weekly newspaper. I'm going back and forth between there and the MOC because I'll be doing that and managing the print journalists. We're going to be pretty busy.
It's just slow getting that start because of admin issues, housing, and learning where everything is. Fun. Can't wait to get into a regular schedule.....

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  1. happy valentines day...the wc mocha sounds good! bella