Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On Your Mark...

After our trip to Camp Liberty, moving around 4000 lbs of our equipment, hooking up with the unit that we're replacing, and getting kinda settled in, we're about ready to get to work. It rained last night and the powdery sand that covers just about everything turned into a light layer of muck. Winter is the rainy season here.
After breakfast, I had the opportunity to meet many of the members of the 128th MPAD, two of whom were giving me a rundown (not the Mustang Rundown...may that paper rest in peace) on what they've been doing for the past nine months or so. They worked for the 4th Infantry Division who just handed over control of this part of Iraq to the 1st Cavalry Division. We will be working for them during our duration here.
Today, during my time at our new office, I was able to go to the al Faw Palace. This huge hunk of marble was one of Saddam's palaces and it's nearly surrounded by water. As you walk in, you cannot help but look up and see these amazingly large and bright chandeliers lighting up an enormous atrium. I even used the bathroom in there....a large area to wash your hands and then you turn and go in another door and there's the bathroom....a mother-of-pearl and marble encrusted toilet and beday. Saddam spared no expense.
I also went to Camp Victory (one other part of this huge base) and visited Green Bean Coffee. Now, most who know me know I'm a Starbucks caffeine freak. As I said before, excitedly, there was a Starbucks in Camp Buehring, Kuwait. Of all places....but, sadly, no Starbucks here. So, Green Bean Coffee loomed in the distance and I walked in. I had no idea what to get since I've never been to a GBC or even heard of them. I got what the Soldier from the 128th iced white chocolate mocha. One taste and I was hooked....two shots of espresso, milk, chocolate syrup and ice. Freakin' good! Anytime I'm in that area, I'm going to try to pick up one of those.
So, today was interesting and informative. Tomorrow and the next day we'll be jelling with our counterparts from the 128th which will prepare us for the day where we will fully take over the mission. We'll also be moving into our new housing units soon...saw one of those today too. Small and cozy. Until next time....

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