Tuesday, February 24, 2009

What Day Is It???

Ok. I had to stop and blog. I've done 10 pages of newspaper layout today and I'm tired. Time to ramble and relax my mind.
The other day we had a dust storm...it was bad. On a nice day we can see the al Faw Palace from our building's porch. Looking at the picture, you'd think nothing is off in the distance....but it's there. It's been really nice weather these past few days. Clear skies, cool mornings and mild temperatures in the daytime. When summer hits it'll feel like a white-hot hammer out there beating on you.
We're all working pretty hard on our print and broadcast projects. I don't get to go here and there writing about what soldiers are doing. That may come later. SGT Risner and SFC Quebec work in division headquarters. You can say a lot when you look at SGT Risner behind SFC Quebec....it shows Quebec's uncanny ability to sleep whenever, wherever, and SGT Risner's way of releasing the day's tension from work. Rock on.
MAJ Daneker and 1SG Martinez went on a cleaning rampage in the break room today. They tend to tag team on things like that. It's pretty well-organized now as compared to our print room where we work. Our room is organized chaos. As they were chucking stuff out, they found some bags that were full of little stuffed animals. They dumped them all out on the floor in the commander's office and we proceeded to frolick in the fuzziness. It was fun for five minutes. The animals were bagged up once again and will be distributed to the little kids of Iraqi via our friends in Civil Affairs.
I've started getting mail too. That's a freakin' awesome thing to look forward to when you're deployed. I've already gotten an espresso machine (gotta get my fix!), and I'm going to get some coffee from Deidrich's and Starbucks. Man I miss Deidrich's. The Green Mountain Coffee place is really good here. Iced. White. Chocolate. Mocha. Mmmmmm.
Started my workout schedule yesterday. I was glad I got to the gym when I did because at 8pm, there was a bench press competition for guys and gals. What a mess that created. I've been stuffing myself at the chow hall too. They give you all the food you want and more...and it's good. We'll see how much I gain this time.
My wife told me that my daughter is learning a lot of new words and using phrases. I miss them. I have a cell phone here and I'm able to call them once in a while. She'll be turning two soon.....
Ok. It's almost 10pm and I've gotta get back to my hootch, take a shower, and hit the bed. Tomorrow, when I wake up, I'll start this all over again.

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