Sunday, February 15, 2009

Working Out the Kinks...

Here at Camp Liberty, I'm getting a little more organized and into the flow of things. Housing arrangements, check, got my CHU...and thanks to SFC Hilton, we have a TV, a fridge, and converters in our room. Food, always good on a deployment...and you can get it anytime. Work, check, I will be working on the 1st Cavalry newspaper layout, The Crossed Sabers. Anyone can access it on While I'm doing that, I will help out in the print section and maybe even be able to get out a do a story.

Most know I like Starbucks. A lot. I've discovered Green Bean Coffee and man, that is some dang good coffee! I've fallen for the iced white chocolate mocha. Every espresso-based beverage they make has two espresso shots--minimum! Mmmmm.
I went to the al-Faw Palace again today. A few more needed MND-I badges and the other three wanted to look around. I took a picture of the large chandelier in the middle of the building. SPC Anderson took a picture of me sitting in the famous chair.
Pretty soon I'm going to start getting my butt in the gym. Last deployment I gained 25 lbs. I hope to do that may be a little more difficult here due to the heat in the summertime. If you drink more liquids, you sometimes don't eat as much.
I've been kicking myself in the butt because I haven't had my camera with me to take pics of my goings-on. Time to head out to stomach is talking to me. Oh and in the last picture, check out the landscape behind me...that's Kuwait. Nothing much grows where we were. We were at the 'range' to shoot off some rounds with our M4s and our M9s.

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