Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Freezing Cold, Hard Irony's almost 10pm and I was winding down from a hectic day in the Public Affairs office by watching American Idol. I like watching people do crazy/stupid things to get on the show, those who have no chance at all, and those who really blow you away with their talent.

We've been working a 24hr operation (day and night shifts) called an MRE (not one you eat). A media readiness exercise. It's a welcome break from the normal mobilization stuff we normally deal with as a deploying unit(you should've seen the command staff dancing up a storm to 1SG's Spanish music in the office!).

We get to finally do our jobs. For me, it's a lot of my normal stuff like: helping my Soldiers with their writing, working on a layout for a newsletter, processing photos, helping the command with a press brief....I was also tasked to go interview the commander of Fort Dix for the base newspaper. It also gives me some indication my Soldiers' strengths and weaknesses for future training.

So far, we as a unit have done really well according to our raters. That's always good to hear. Tomorrow we get to see all the final products and get back into deployment mode.

The main topic of discussion around here lately is the weather. It's brutal. The news just reported that it will be the coldest weather that this area has had in two years. Great. I was thinking, "Of all places, we're here at just the right time." How ironic. Then Spc. Fardette and I looked at each other and we blurted out, "The Eagles might go to the Superbowl, the Phillies won the World Series, and it's all happened or happening while we are here!" Makes you wonder....

So, yeah, it's gonna be pretty cold Friday. The low temp. in the morning is supposed to be 7 degrees and the high is 25 degrees. Layer up! Hmmmm...I wonder what else is in store for us....


  1. i heard some kickass house/techno/ska tunes earlier and thought of you. *chuckling & shaking my head* .....memories


  2. you're doing a great job with the blog. We miss and love you tons!143.

  3. we miss you and pray for your safety. you're doing a great job with the blog, 143