Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Waiting Game...

Well, we're back here at Fort Dix after enjoying a 4-day pass. We were pleased to discover that, after our training was completed, there was time for us to burn and our leadership worked with 1st Army to let us escape. I went to Atlantic City. I've never been there and it was cheaper than spending time in New York City. So, I made reservations and stayed at the Trump Marina Hotel/Casino...which I found was the old people's choice for winter gambling. I've never seen so many elderly citizens on motorized carts in one place in my life! I can say that I didn't lose money at the casino. I was given 2 casino coupons and used them one night...I made around $80 bucks off that and had to get out of there because I was getting lightheaded from all the dang cigarette smoke.
My stay was nice and relaxing though....perfect thing before being sent somewhere for a year. Lots of relaxation, Starbucks, sleep, and a couple movies. The weather was interesting....snow, fog, lots of rain at one point that turned all the snow into slush and then washed it away.
Now we're playing the waiting game...and the packing ensued. We'll be here for the Super Bowl...we heard that several restaurants are providing food at the gym for a little 'party' if you will during the game. I'll go...nothing else to do. We've been burning time by packing, doing PT at the gym, running to the PX or to Dunkin Donuts, and of course, blogging.
Kuwait will be on the horizon very soon. Ahhhh....sand blowing around that has the consistency of powder. Critters. LOTS of moving and lifting of our gear from place to place. Laying around waiting for a flight to Baghdad Int'l. Transient tents....the things a mobilizing soldier looks forward to.
I don't look forward to being a freakin' fobbit. For those who don't know...a fobbit is a person who remains on the forward operating base (FOB) and never ventures outside the wire. Many fobbits enjoy set schedules, coffee, AC, stuff like that while other soldiers are out doing their jobs and getting dirty. I'll probably remain on base because I'll get stuck working in the MOC (media operations center)....but hey, you never know. I hope to be able to go out to cover something. We'll see what the future brings....very soon this cold weather will be history.

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