Saturday, January 3, 2009

Last Post From Home...

Well as the title says, this is my last post from home. We were able to spend about a week and a half home before returning to the unit for deployment. We got to spend Christmas and the beginning of the New Year with families and friends. This was Loren's 2nd Christmas. She loved pretty good at opening packages. She'll play with her Littlest Petshop and her little kitchen for awhile, then move on to her books and her new shopping cart. She thinks she's at HEB. :)

My wife and I were able to see Valkyrie. Good movie. Today I've been doing a lot of little things around the house since this is my last weekend home. Holiday stuff is in the attic, new batteries in all the CM/smoke detectors, laundry....bills. Ugh.
From here I head back to College Station then to Jersey....freakin cold there from what I've seen. It's 80 degrees here in Pearland right now! Tied a record...
I've been making little videos for Loren today. She'll watch them when I'm gone and later we'll switch them in the mail so we can see each other during the course of the deployment. This one is sooo different from the last since I have a little girl. All the more to make sure I get back safe and in one piece...
It's crazy running around making sure that all your loose ends are tied up. Finances, home stuff, work, cars, health care, taxes, bills...all this is dropped into my wife's lap when I leave. I gave Loren a little military kiddie book that talks about a daddy deploying. It's neat...even has a little dog tag. Yeah...I'm rambling...I'll include my pics, get off this thing, and start packing now. Until next time...

...just got back from Hermann Park...a quick excursion. We took Loren to ride the train and see the ducks. She's crazy about both.


  1. i swear everytime i read this blog i can't stop the tears. it's great that you're doing the video thing. she'll really appreciate that later on. i'll be praying for you and your family everyday (military family included). take care of yourself.

  2. ok hi its finally found out how to place coments after reading like about 3 thats strong...i dont know how you are able to go away for who knows how long with out being able to see your more power to ya!!! good luck and be safe..ill be looking forward towards your next blog! luv ya miss ya!...

  3. Mr. B...
    Well i say this out of respect... knowing that we are both adults now, but I can't stop reading your blogs... eventhough I am crying a river over here.... I am flooding my house... and "IT DOESN'T FLOOD IN MY ZONE" LOL... It must be so hard to leave your baby and the wifey... but you are leaving to keep them safe, and us as well to.. Mr. B. honstly we go way back... and I didn't think you would go back... but I am so PROUD of you, being so brave... and I have the HONOR TO SAY... I KNOW THIS MAN...HE WAS MY 7th grade English teacher.... AND I SALUTE HIM. :))
    Keep up the good work... have a safe trip, keep in touch, don't we will all be okay here.... DON'T WORRY YOU WILL BE FINE... ME AND THE BIG MAN UPSTAIR HAVE A TALK EVERY NIGHT... PRAYING FOR YOU AND EVERYONE ELSE THAT MIGHT HAVE A LOVED ONE FIGHTING FOR OUR FREEDOM IN IRAQ...


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  5. Well I'm glad you got to spend Christmas and New Years with your family. :)
    And you WILL come back safe and in one piece.
    I will be praying for both you and your family. Don't forget we love you and we'll miss you. Next time you'll see me I'll prob either be graduating or have already graduated. WOw. lol I'll be old. :P jk.
    So I'll see you then. K.i.t.