Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ahhh...Army Life

Have I talked about how much I love where I live?? I believe I've mentioned it a few times. This week has really made me love Houston all over again. This week, here at Fort Dix, the temperature has not risen above 35 degrees. We shot 9mm and M4s the past two days and both days I felt like my fingers and toes were going to fall off. Now, mind you, I'm not complaining...I'll jump around in between firings and cuss a lot when it's 20 degrees out (or lower!) and yes, you have to remain as still as you can to hit your target. Difficult for skinny butt me with no fat to insulate my body. I'm merely writing about how the weather was....compared to Houston.
So, yeah, I don't see how/why people up north can enjoy winter. A few of us surmised that, when it's that cold or worse, people don't even go outside. I know I wouldn't! Another thing...comparison remember? Texas doesn't have a state income tax...Jersey does. Texas has better houses with better rates, Jersey doesn't. Texas has better weather, Jersey doesn't. :)
Anyway, we've been dealing with this 'coldest weather this state has seen in 2 years' thing and soon, we'll be dealing with the desert heat of Kuwait and Iraq. Welcome to the Army young peoples. The Army shoots me up full of vaccines to viruses and horrible diseases that infect the masses. It houses me, feeds me, educates me, makes me run around and do stuff, gives me Soldiers to teach, train, and mentor, and sends me off to faraway destinations to the benefit of my country. So, since 1995, whether it's cold or hot, dusty or not, I go and 'do' while many of my friends and my family remain at home at peace. I'll miss them while I'm gone and will be jumping on here once in awhile to express opinions, vent, or just tell a story. Until next time....


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  2. You ought to shoot up near Little Falls, MN. in early April the high is in the low 20's