Friday, January 9, 2009


Stage 2: We're back at Fort Dix, and man, oh man is it cold. After our first day of settling in and unpacking, our second day was spent getting poked and prodded again (anthrax and smallpox shots for me), running around to this station to make sure you're getting the appropriate level of pay, another to determine whether you can still hear/see or not, and many others. That morning, on my way to chow (breakfast for you civilians), I almost busted my butt on a patch of ice! Freakin' cold weather.
Didn't I write about how much I love Texas?? Oooh, I even met two people with my last name. One was an MP (military police), she was a specialist from Massachusetts (where I'm from originally) but not related. Another was a lieutenant colonel and most definitely not related.
I'm glad I made those videos for my daughter because my wife told me she's been walking around the house asking/looking for me. I miss them. One of my soldiers asked me the other day, "Besides your family, what are you missing the most?" "My job," I blurted out. He just looked at me..."I love my job...teaching is fun," I said. And I do...I miss being in the classroom talking about a great story.
I'll come back home to it though....for now, it's public affairs. We'll be moving into 24hr ops soon. That should be a good blogger....until then, thanks for all the support and comments everyone. Have a good day, HOOAH!

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